WhatsApp 0.3.1847

A messenger app that started life on mobile devices but is now available for PCs

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    Instant Messaging

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

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    7.0 (2055)

WhatsApp started as a mobile messaging application for Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, but this version allows you to use the app on a desktop computer. It works on the same network, so once you've downloaded and installed the app, you can chat with friends who already use the WhatsApp mobile version.

If you've ever used WhatsApp Web, which is a browser-based version of the app, then you're already familiar with this version for Mac and PC. It offers the same functionality as WhatsApp Web without having to use a browser.

This version can perform almost everything the mobile app can, and it does so through a larger screen. You can send and receive photos, notes, and other documents, and you can create groups for easier mass chatting. The app allows you to set a profile photo, and it has all the same chatting tools as the mobile version.

WhatsApp for desktop computers isn't exactly perfect, however. You can't use the app to share your location, and you can't use it to add contacts to your account. This means it has to be used more as a supplement to the mobile app and not a full replacement.

To use the PC version of WhatsApp, you must use your mobile device to scan an associated QR code that will be given to you. This will link the WhatsApp PC version with the mobile version on your device, which allows them to share a single account.

You won't have any issue with finding options in the PC WhatsApp version. They are arranged in an excellent and efficient pattern, so you don't have to go searching through menu after menu. It's also quite a bit more convenient to chat with the help of a keyboard as opposed to typing on a small touchscreen. Most modern Mac and PC systems have built-in webcams and microphones, and WhatsApp can use that hardware to send audio clips, videos, or photos.

If you like to send those sorts of files through WhatsApp, the desktop version is the ideal way to do so since it tends to have stronger internet connectivity. This translates to faster transfers.

While it is a bit annoying that this software depends on your mobile phone, it is still exceptionally useful and a good addition to the WhatsApp family. There are other apps that don't require a paired phone with an existing account, so some might consider WhatsApp to be limited compared to others.

Even though this app is a great supplement to the mobile version of WhatsApp, it didn't quite fulfill the demands of the users who have been asking for the software for years. The ability to work independently is a fairly important feature, and hopefully that feature will be added in future iterations of this mobile messaging app.


  • Nearly Identical To Mobile Version
  • Real Time PC/App Synchronization
  • Faster Chatting
  • Excellent UI


  • Requires Connected Mobile Device
  • Missing Some Options

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